god’s favorite band – a Sisyphean Novel – by Dallas Doctor


Dallas Doctor is a songwriter and storyteller.  He’s an accomplished guitarist/keyboardist and vocalist.  He’s performed in 49 states and 27 countries.  He has 8 solo albums to his credit.  He’s played with some of the most famous and celebrated (you‘ll see) acts in rock history, and also with bands you may never have heard of until now.  This novel is the story of one of those adventures … and a whole lot more …

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god’s favorite band
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just a few of the UNSOLICITED things people are saying about:

god’s favorite band

“This book is an astonishing accomplishment!”
~Bonnie Carr

“So much fun to read.  I hated when I finished it because I wanted to spend more time with the characters.”
~Jennifer Mastrangelo

“All I can say is WOW!  EXCELLENT!”
~Vaughn Garner

“What a ride!  One hopes [it’ll] get readers to rethink the way they look at their lives and the world in general.”
~Pat Benson

“Gave me insight into so many alternative possibilities on how to approach life’s struggles with a new mindset.”
~Renee Mosca

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