Just a few of the UNSOLICITED things people are saying about:

god’s favorite band

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“This book is an astonishing accomplishment!”
~Bonnie Carr

“… Entertaining, intriguing, educational, and enlightening …”
~Nancy Buckingham

“So much fun to read.  I hated when I finished it because I wanted to spend more time with the characters.”
~Jennifer Mastrangelo

“A great novel with many layers — relationships, philosophy, the story of the band, all woven together — so very, very well done!”
~Michel de Gent

“What a ride!  This is a novel you won’t forget and it just might make you a better person.”
~Pat Benson

“The characters are a diverse array of an ‘off the wall’ group that you will never forget.  It contains brilliant internal dialogue that will challenge the way you think.  It’s jam-packed with silly, hilarious and genius banter.  It keeps you on your toes, questioning your current beliefs in a changing world and always wanting to know what will be coming next.”
~Renee Mosca

“All I can say is WOW!  EXCELLENT!”
~Vaughn Garner


Dallas Doctor is a novelist, songwriter, and storyteller — also an accomplished guitarist/keyboardist and vocalist.  He’s performed in 49 states and 27 countries.  He has 8 solo albums to his credit.  He’s played with some of the most famous and celebrated (you‘ll see) acts in rock history, and also with many bands you may never have heard of until now.  This novel is the story of one of those adventures … and a whole lot more …


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