A Life in Photos

dockity photography

A Life (so far, anyway) in Photographs

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Startin Out

Washin’ the car …


Leather jacket (before I knew better …)

Also before I knew better

First Grade

First Guitar

“I was runnin’ ….”

Anything was possible.

This is where the trouble started.

On the campaign trail:
“Run with Reed”

Student Body President

City Champion (Portland, Oregon)

Sounds of Freedom

Those pants? Those shoes?



Focus! Focus! Focus!

Payin’ dues …

Giant Stadium (1974)

Red Rocks 1976

On the road, again …

Christmas 1979

Swingin’ Sam

With Maggie & Sam

At the Grand Canyon

Giggin’ …

Playin’ Roadhouses


The 1980s Baby!

Payin Dues





On the road again …

Johnny & the Leisure Suits

Backstage before the show

Sound Check w Hall & Oates


Back Stage After the Show

Village Idiot Convention

Mullet Baby!

Me n Bob


The Sawmill w/Bob Milan

Still giggin’ …


w/ Shanan

The Guilty

Goin’ Solo

Oh, Canada

Headshot (Also before I knew better)

Idiot Boys

Idiot Boys & Girls


Makin’ records (Platinum City)

Big Sir at Big Sur

Heritage at Canyon Lake (AZ)

Chief and Puppies

w/Maggie & Sam

w/The Interns of Love


Still Giggin’

Nights under the Lights!

Where the Hell is Tortilla Flats?

w/Susan in New Orleans

w/Susan somewhere in the Caribbean

w/Susan at “Two Friends” in Key West

Barbizon, France in the rain

Paris the night before

Montmartre (04/04/04)

Back to work …

Jazz Piano (just because I can)

Sailing on the Blue Ice

Half of this photo is AWESOME
(w/Susan in Key West)

At home in Manhattan
(Our rooftop at 53rd & 9th)


Trying to make a difference
(NYC DOE 2006-2010)

Sailing on the Hudson

Working on “Manhattan”

My first marathon
(w/3 brothers: Layne, Me, Todd, Kenn)

Qualifying for the Boston Marathon

Qualifying for Guaranteed Entry to
The New York City Marathon

Last Day at NYC DOE

Dallas Doctor and the Interns of Love (circa 2010)

Boston 2011

Recording session for
“By the Numbers”

“Manhattan” Video Shoot

Best Dog EVER!

Red Light Show (2011)

Playin’ The Bitter End in NYC

W/The Dirt Poets

Strolling Washington D.C
(w/Susan & Benton)



Some people never grow up!


Boston 2013




Private Tour of Cape Canaveral
(w/Sam & Maggie)

This Machine Spreads Joy

Duval Street Baby!

Still Runnin’

Hangin’ w/Maggie

Photo Shoot Key West Cemetary

Doin’ the Willie T’s thing!

Channeling my inner pirate!

Headshot (2015)

Back to Work


Goin’ Solo


Promo Shot


Bringin’ Piano Back!

Gettin’ my groove back!

Playin’ the Peace Les Paul

Look! I’m Famous!

Fun at Willie T’s

My Favorite People!

More of my favorite people

My VERY Favorite People
(w/ Sam & Maggie in Pheonix)



Yorkshire Dales


Bleue Bell Bottoms!


Live in Liverpool
(Lennon’s Pub ~ Mathew Street)

Hangin’ w Pete Best

Outside The Cavern!

Hangin’ with new friends in Dublin

Back to Work

Recording “Boy Meets Girl”

Makin Records in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Me, Max, & Max, in Mallorca, Spain

w/Laura in Düsseldorf

Back to work

w/New friends in Key West

Let’s make another record

w/Maggie on the Blue Ice

Promo shot by Marcy

Giggin in Texas
(AKA Dallas in Dallas!)

Profile Pic by Kara Prachnau

w/Maggie in Manhattan

w/Ringo in Paris

Midnight in Paris

w/Awesome friends (Jenn & Michel) in La Place de la Contrescarpe – Paris

Life in Menton, France

Sharing with Maggie



w/Maggie – South of France – (2018)


Starting all over again in Garibaldi


Lela n Me


My Pandemic Look


Sometimes ya gotta “Be Your Own Best Friend”


67 and Not Dead Yet….


… and that’s just so far ….