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Cavalos Amam A Gente

(Coming 2022)

A small band of animal rights activists must reinvent themselves when their best intentions spiral out of control….


While we’re waiting, here’s part of the back catalogue….


… is the multi-faceted story of THE FABULOUS FOOLS — a hard-working rock-and-roll-show-band on the road.  The Fab-Fools are simultaneously touring and recording their debut record — a concept album using masturbation as a metaphor for the ‘search for the meaning of life’ — while at the same time, trying to solve the who? And more importantly, the why? … Of the unexplained murder of one of their band-mates.

But that’s only the outermost layer. The story is set in the changing world of 1999 and is told through the eyes of touring musicians — who don’t want to grow up — and don’t have to.  Childish antics, bad-puns, fart-jokes, silly-innuendos, and the archaic (or are they?) political controversies of the late 1990s are all vehicles used to explore the ways in which our innermost beliefs, in spite of our best efforts, inexorably manifest themselves in our actions — often in ways that surprise us — and sometimes horrify us.   It’s about the things we tell ourselves, and why, and whether or not they matter.  Ultimately, it’s about how to be, and do, in a rapidly changing world.

god’s favorite band is subversive.  It’s often hilarious and light-hearted, but at other times, dark and deadly serious — even disturbing.  It combines ridiculously adolescent immaturity and absurd foolishness with a new rational philosophical perspective for “rolling the rock up the hill” in the face of the changing realities of the 21st-century.  It might be the most important American novel since Huckleberry Finn — or maybe not — but one thing’s for sure — it’ll surprise, delight, and disgust you, … not only that, if you’re paying attention, … it’ll make you think …

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World Without Love

A Collection of Short Stories that Together Tell a Story

With this series of connected allegories — personal, yet universal — Dallas Doctor has crafted an insightful, multidimensional tale — expressed candidly, and courageously. 

The author unflinchingly (sometimes explicitly) explores excommunication, exile, longing for belonging, illusion, meaning, misunderstanding, arrogance, comeuppance, absurdity, futility, friendship, and ultimately, hope — all in the context of growing up in the era of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll.

Anyone who has ever grown up – or tried to – will love these stories.

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Travels with Ringo


Eleven insightful short stories about life lessons learned while traveling through Europe with a big, brown dog. (Ringo is a 4-year-old chocolate Labrador in the prime of his life and Doc is an American writer and musician who’ll soon be 9-1/2 in dog-years.)  Together the two are having the time of their lives.  Dallas Doctor (his friends call him, Doc) is a novelist, a songwriter, and a storyteller.  He’s performed in 49 states and 27 countries.  He’s a Phi Beta Kappa, Summa Cum Laude, New York City Teaching Fellow and a qualifier and finisher of multiple New York City and Boston Marathons.  Doc is currently traveling in Europe with his best friend — Ringo.


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The HitchHiker

… & Other Stories

The Doctor’s most recent collection of short stories, these 17 stories deal with the existential struggles we either have the courage to face (or alternatively hide from) as we search for our place in the world.  And the surprises in store for travelers.  These stories make the case for trading in our pursuit of “stuff” in exchange for the frightening uncertainty of experience.


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Lyrics, Lies, & Love Songs

This collection is exactly what it sounds like.  It’s the collection of Dallas Doctor’s most-inspired lyrics taken from a lifetime of songwriting.  You can think of it as a book of poetry, but with a difference.



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How to Organize an Orgy

… & Other Stories

This collection of short stories was written during the first 15-months of the author’s self-imposed exile from his homeland.  The stories deal with borders, boundaries, and the imaginary lines we draw between (and within) ourselves as we search for our place in the world.  Taken together, the stories make a strong argument for throwing off the all-too-common “already dead” mindset that only builds walls in our own imaginations.  Instead, the author implores us to vanquish our imaginary boundaries and embrace the orgy that awaits us in the real world.


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