Ringo’s Big Adventure

(A Work in Progress)

Ringo’s Big Adventure:
A Collection of Very Short Stories

(Feel free to share these stories in any way you consider appropriate.) 

Temporary Table of Contents


Ch. 1) The Scary Staircase

Ch. 2) Les Quais de la Seine

Ch. 3) The Next Loud Noise

Ch. 4) Jardin du Luxembourg

Ch. 5) Those Crafty Croation Cats

Ch. 6) What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

Ch. 7) The Day of the Pack Attack

Ch. 8) Into the Wilderness

Ch. 9) Tortoise Location Expert Available for Gigs

Ch. 10) The Escape

Ch. 11) Ringo’s Job Search Continues

Ch. 12) Scratch-n-Sniff

Ch. 13) Ringo’s Guide to Having a Good Day

This is a growing collection of very simple short stories with the working title,“Ringo’s Big Adventure” which is NOT to be confused with a similarly titled, but entirely different set of more complex stories with the working title “Travels with Ringo” which are ONLY available to the awesome humans who are making these adventures possible.  Please visit: patreon.com/dockity/overview to learn more… Thank You!   Sincerely, dockity.