Jardin du Luxembourg


Ringo’s Big Adventure

Chapter 4

Jardin du Luxembourg

by Dallas Doctor

Ringo in the Garden

Ringo loves the Jardin du Luxembourg.  It’s a safe space where he can enjoy the Parisian air without worrying about traffic and awnings (Ringo hates awnings; he’s convinced they’re all trying to kill him).  There are no awnings in the park; just trees and paths and benches and flowers and lots of great things to sniff.  The Jardin du Luxumbourg is a great place just be.

And Ringo likes to just be. 

Ringo and Doc Enjoying the Jardin du Luxembourg

Doc likes to sit in the park with a book because Doc has lots of reading to do, which is fine with Ringo; he’s perfectly content to lay at Doc’s feet and just be.  That’s what Doc is trying to learn from Ringo: how to just be.  Ringo’s great at it, but it’s harder for Doc, because he has so many things he’s trying to think about all the time.

Much of the time, Doc’s head is off in other places, dealing with other things, even when he’s in the park.  But whenever Ringo’s in the park, he’s fully-all-the-way in the park; he’s aware of everything — every shift in the wind, every wafting scent, every falling leaf, every flap of a wing — he notices it all.  Ringo loves to experience all those wonderful, wonderful things, so that’s exactly what he does.  Doc’s trying to figure out a way to experience the park the way Ringo does.

Ringo Modeling How to Just Be

And Doc is slowly getting better at it.  In fact, sometimes Doc and Ringo can sit in the park and just be, even without a book.  Just be.  It’s kind’a fun.  And it’s also kind’a surprising because when you sit still, you start to notice all sorts of things happening all around you that you never noticed before.

The sky is constantly changing, so every day is different.  No, not just every day — every hour of every day.  The light bouncing off the walls of the palace transform as the sun moves across the sky.  So every hour of every day, the colors of the buildings constantly change.  Plus, the clouds are also always transforming, filtering and altering the way sunlight falls on the city.  The never-ending combinations of shadows and reflections are fascinating and wonderful.

Jardin du Luxembourg

Jardin du Luxembourg

The more time Doc and Ringo spend in the park, the more they notice other things too.  There are more shades of green that could ever fit into an encyclopedia.  And that goes for all the other colors as well.  Some textures are smooth, others are brittle, some are prickly, and others have other qualities that Doc and Ringo never noticed before they started noticing things.

But the main thing they notice is just how much they love to be in the park together.


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