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  1. Very nice. Loved the Story of the Day tab. I need to reread your first book. Wish you much success with all your undertakings and travels.

    1. Oh, Thank You Dottie! I’m working on a second edition of that first book (improved version). I’ll send you a link to the file when I’m finished polishing it. I know you don’t like digital (I like the feel of a real book too, but with all my traveling, I’ve gotten used to the digital versions. I can carry them in my phone, which makes packing my suitcase MUCH easier.) But anyway, Thank you sooo much!

    1. Thank you Michel — That’s very kind of you! I hope you feel your time reading the book was time-well-spent! (y) Thanks Man!

  2. Dallas, what a wonderful positive site in this topsy-turfy world of ours!! I see so many different human beings in you, and the great biography in pictures just tells this awesome story of yours! Thankful greez from Germany and please feel so very hugged <3

    1. Oh, Wow, Andrea! Thank you so very much, … and YES, I do feel hugged, so that was nice of you! I hope you’re having a great day!

  3. As you know, I love this book …it gets better the second time around! I personally know that your heart and soul went into this project as well as much anguish and sleepless nights. Well worth it with these end results!!
    Your ” pictures of life so far” are cool! What a life and the best is yet to come my friend.

    1. Thank you so much Pat! I want to believe everything you said! Especially that “.. best is yet to come part …” THANK YOU!!!

  4. The Story Of The Day today has a 3 year old boy who evidently at that early age had the need to just go and you have been going ever since on your own terms. Keep “rolling the rock up the hill”. You are making a positive difference in others lives. Rock On, Doc😍😎😆

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